Mapping diffuse to model

I downloaded a model from turbosquid and am not sure how to map the diffuse file to it.
I can create a material with the diffuse.jpg file but not sure how to get the mapping to show up in edit mode with the uv editor.
Any suggestions or link to tutorial that applies?

The file doesn’t have the material set up. (Possibly, for a different version of blender; possibly, imported from some other format.)

You’ll need to setup the material. I opened a new viewport, changed it to shader editor, and selected the material for the bird. (There’s only one.) Then clicked “use nodes” in the shader editor and set it up like shown:

ah, I see what I did. I uploaded the version of the file I hadn’t messed with. in my version I used a texture coordinate but used the “Gererated” output. If I had used “UV” it would work. using UV map is even simpler. Thank you!