Mapping Node: Keyframe Data is Linking and Applying Randomly

Hi Guys,

I have been running into a weird problem working on some vfx shaders. I have two fire glow effects, A and B.

Glow A has two separate mapping nodes within it that has the X and Y rotations being animated with a continuous driver—individually. This works perfectly fine and as expected.

I created a new material on a separate object: this is Glow B. Now, I went in and animated the rotation the Y rotation of Glow B’s mapping node; however, it appears to be somehow linking to the mapping nodes on Glow A. I have tried deleting them, adding new ones, animating a unique Value for the given axis, but it always affects Glow A’s animation.

Further adding to my confusion, if I manually animate the parameter without playing the scene, this linking behaviour is not present. It only happens once the scene is playing back.

Any ideas? I have never run into this.

Blender 2.93.2

Ended up having to delete all of the materials in question and recreating them from the ground up.