Mapping node : what is Vector and Normal mode?

I understand what is Texture and Point mode of a mapping node (good explanations about it here) but I don’t understand what’s the Vector and Normal mode.

There is nothing about it in the manual.

deleted post… missunderstood the question



I know what the node does, I just don’t understand what do the Vector and the Normal mode you can find as first parameter.

oh god sorry, i actually missunderstood you… yeah i dont know what those are for as i also stated, but i’ve never used it though.

It allows one to use the Rotation/Scale transformations for vectors and normals(normalized vectors). So you can rotate/scale normals (the output will always be normalized), or Vectors (with unnormalized output).

been looking for some good examples for these

anything that can demonstrate these ?

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Ok thank you. It makes sense and normal mode gives the same result tham the normalize vector math node.
But what is then the difference between the point and the vector mode? It seems exactly the same except that vector mode can’t translate the coordinates.