mapping Polar coordinates

I have googled quite a bit to find some clear turorial or guide to remove the distortion on my planetary textures during wrapping (at the pole regions). So far they make sense up to one point. - Hope I am posting at the right forum… :o
As soon as I made square to polar I seemingly need to fille up the areas around the eliptic distorted area (right?) with… well, something or rather some area. I have tried duplicating the texture underneath and cutting a hole in it… pasting it on top of the distorted area and squaring out. No luck. I don’t seem to understand the way it actually works.
If there is a better way or someone has a tutorial hidden or stuffed into some remote cluster or sector area of their disks… please tell me!

if you need mode details fro mapping technics in general
go to nasa and make a search on mapping you’ll find some goody on the different way to map things !

In blender serach teh wiki and this forum for mapping / planets and you’ll find lot’s of threads
No blener use a conmformal mapping to go ffrom 2 D to 3D
so if you have a good cylindrical map it will unwind on a sphere ok
but conmformal mappiong does not guarantie everything is perfect
mapping rom 2D to 3D is always a compromise you loose some info