mapping question

I have a head model. In photoshop, I painted a targa page that was a flesh color with added eyebrows. I mapped this page to the head by first adding a new material (F5) then F6, added texture type->image and loaded image (the painted targa). It mapped fine to the head model with the painted eyebrows in the proper place. The problem is when I move the verts of the model to raise the eyebrows of the model, the mapped eyebrows don’t move. Shouldn’t the mapped eyebrows move up with the model’s eyebrow? What have I done wrong? Thanks

If you uv map it , then it would.

also, there’s a button in the edit buttons that says ‘sticky’. press that and your texture will stick in place. For a face I would recommend UV mapping though.

To use Sticky goto F9, Mesh tab, and hit Make next to Sticky. Then in the MapInput tab in F5 change the mapping from ORCO to Stick.


thanks for the input. Looks like I’ve been going about this all wrong.

I never did understand all the map input buttons. I guess its just that I have never gotten my head around the whole 3D texture coordinate concept. To me a texture just layers onto and material and effects a … quality of the material in some way. i.e bumpiness,color(image and uv textures),shinyness(spec), e.t.c. I still have yet to understand how a texture can have a Z coordinate or offest or size. Its just flat.