MaPZone - Ultimate Texture Tool!

Alright, so I know it’s too early to post when the download bar says 1% (oh wait, now it says 2%) :slight_smile: . I just saw the news at and it’s the greatest thing ever.


OO… (later) LOL its for windows only.

That looks really interesting, but is this topic in the right forum?

Anyway, I’m gonna have to give it a try :smiley:

I think it is in right forum. (making textures for games?)

uh have you actually tried it yet? or are you still downloading anyways, tell the rest of us how it is, because i’m not downloading it YET

Well it may be in the wrong topic but since I only check the GE forum thanks for the tip! I played with this for 6 minutes and it is awesome! I love Blenders procedural textures, and found MaPZone really easy to get the hang of. Think blender textures and all the Gimp filters combined into a powerfull node based app.

I can’t believe this is free!

This looks really useful! And i especially like the idea of being able to load your own models up in real time. Do you know if it will load blender models??? (My downloads only made it as far as 99% so i though i’d ask :smiley: )

Okay, a few days after I downloaded it and did two tutorials, I am creating textures like crazy!

Extremely useful, easy to get realistic results, and most of all, I love the feel of it.

I feel like I have been using it for years!

Off-topic? Maybe, but I only ever check the GE forum, and anyone who is making games will want to use this.

It will load 3DSmax models, and blender can export them…
It may require some workaround, but should be possible.

PS: Hint for training, try to imitate textures from other apps (like the presets in Genetica). Doing that has greatly increased my skill with this program.