Marble and Ball



long live Blender and UPBGE!!!

“Marble and Ball” is a 2 Player game which can be played by 2 persons or (if you are musician :slight_smile: ) with both hands of 1 person.

Ball is controlled with WASD (or Gamepad), Marble with the mouse (or Gamepad 2).

Together they have to finish 12 little levels and 4 Bonus levels (which are the first 4 original Marble Madness levels).
This game is a tribute to the original Marble Madness which as a kid I played endlessly on an arcade machine on holidays in Italy :slight_smile:

The game is finished in the way that it can be played from start to end hopefully without too much bugs but could be refined in future. Perhaps someone likes to add the levels 4-6 of the original Marble Madness !?

Tell me if you like it and if you managed to play it to the end.


Marble Madness    
    the creators of Marble Madness:
        Mark Cerny, Bob Flanagan, Brad Fuller, Hal Canon
    original Marble Madness sounds and music (ripped from MAME) by Luca Elia
    Billard-Balls by RamtinA
    ball roller coaster by lab1092  (CC-BY)
    Butterfly by ctac1287
    Shark by Ad Astra
    Billard Sounds by aldjuan
    Broom of Wanda the witch by Jeff2207
    Snake by Joachim Bornemann
    Tree by Antoine Bagattini

    Desert Sand by Vilém Duha       

    Anja Günther (Clarinet, Hang), Christian Döß (Saxophone), Olli Marschall (Didgeridoo),
    guitarsarang (Classical Guitar), Kai Struck (Classical Guitar, Didgeridoo, Santur, Tombak, Shaker)
    Up-Hang (Nr.3) composed by Anja Günther
    Bach BWV1055 and Morgenvogel (Morghe-e-Sahar) arranged by Kai Struck
    Bach BWV1055 played by guitarsarang:
    All other pieces composed by Kai Struck
    Endless Journey arranged by George E.Naff


Movement:                                                          Sensitivity Settings:     
    Marble:             Mouse   or Gamepad 2-Right-Stick               Press ENTER   
    Ball:               W A S D or Gamepad 1-Right-Stick        
View:                                                  Rotate View:                   
    Focus on Marble:  Key 1  or Gamepad-Button A       Arrow-Keys  or  Mouse+RMB or Gamepad-Hat or Gamepad-Left-Stick
    Focus on Ball:    Key 2  or Gamepad-Button B       Arrow-Keys  or  Mouse     or Gamepad-Hat or Gamepad-Left-Stick
    Focus on both:    Key 3  or Gamepad-Button Y       Arrow-Keys  or  Mouse+RMB or Gamepad-Hat or Gamepad-Left-Stick
    Zoom:           PageUp/PageDown  or  MouseWheel or Gamepad-Shoulders
    Reset Zoom:     Pos1/Home  or  MiddleMouseButton or Gamepad-Both-Shoulders

    Marble:      Shift+1 or Gamepad 2-Button X
    Ball:        Shift+2 or Gamepad 1-Button X
(end connection: B)

    Jump to next SavePoint:           TAB
    Jump to previous SavePoint:       Shift+TAB
    Stick-Button: make this stick the Control-Stick and the other the View-Stick

Show this list in Game:   SPACE-Key   

You can directly start at any SavePoint by setting the game property ‘SavePoint’ of the object ‘ZSE’
Kai Struck


its been a long time sens someone made something !!
good work !


Thank you!
From time to time this game will of course get updated.
Now you can jump to any Level with “Tab” or "back wirth “Shift+Tab”, the Tornado will carry you with it and in the Marble Madness Levels “Marble” has the original Respawn-Action:

I hope I will be able to animate the “jump and eat”-Action of the Marble Muncher who at the moment just walk around:

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File above is now updated:
After an intense taming session with the MarbleMunchers they can jump at you and eat, smile and find the way back to their favourite walking path.

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This looks cool, I haven’t tried it out yet but it’s on my shortlist :slight_smile: I had a game on my iPod Nano many years ago similar to this, but based on the screenshots, yours is way better :sweat_smile:

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The MarbleMuncher in action:


Haha, it’s fun to refine the Marble Madness levels.
The BlackMarbles are now more lively and I added the falling sound (which had to be ripped again from the original arcade version and made longer). It’s great to see how all fits together. Sorry that i can’t put all into 157kb like the original.
No time limit in my version, it’s hard enough (especially for Ball).

If anyone managed to play through the game?

Arriving at the original Marble Madness levels “Marble” has to obey the rules.
While “Ball” can fall from any height without too much hurt, “Marble” can crash when falling from too high.

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After a little crisis because of low frame rate I’m happy that the search for optimization was successfull!!! Back to full speed and correct physics. (only the desert level is slow but this is ok)

The trick was to join all the little meshes of the MarbleMadness Levels.
Now the 4th Marble Madness Level is included:

This is so cool!

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Thank you! I’m very grateful for any response!!!

Some further optimizations:

  • The MarbleMadness Levels only show when needed (by hiding collections) → Rasterizer is happy about that.
  • replaced most “add / end object”-processes with a simple deplacement. No sudden frame drops any more but a smoother experience.
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Now the sensitivity of Mouse and Keyboard can be set in Game: Press ENTER

The Overlay Collection for the Sensitivity menu is now replaced by a menu created with blf-code.
Using an Overlay Collection was just sooooo slow on the framerates

And the Falling->Dizzyness/Crash Collision Detection is now more reliable.

So when creating a game in UPBGE 0.3 I suggest:

  • Don’t parent objects if you need friction on the children.
  • Don’t use Overlay collections when you need a good framerate.
  • Don’t use any ADD/END-Object processes if you want a smooth gameplay.

To show the Controls-List in Game press SPACE.

Take a break - play Marble and Ball :heart: :innocent:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

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Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16


Ball can now also be controlled with a Gampad which is more fun when playing with a friend.

update: added a threshold for the Controller

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Added support for 2nd Gamepad to control Marble.

My brother told me that on most games the left stick controls movement and the right stick the view.
I have it the opposite.
So now you can press the stick-Button to make it the control-stick and the other stick becomes the view stick.