"Marble Living" a Blender Interior Scene + Animation

Hi everybody, this is my scene “Marble Living”. Hope you all like it!

This was a personal project, it took almost 2 weeks to complete! All shaders was made from scratch and 95% of the textures is 1024px. I only had the idea of the animation after all the work and renders from Cycles were ready. It was my first time using eevee and the results really got me excited about it, I’m for sure using it more times and studying it better.

Scene configs for Cycles 128 samples and maximum 1920px. 12 diffuse bounces.
Average render time 5-7 min each frame.
Scene configs for EEVEE 64 samples and 1440p.
Average render time 40 sec each frame, about 20 hours of total render time.

My PC configs:
Ryzen 5 3400g
RX 580 8gb
12gb RAM
SSD 120 + HDD 1Tb
400w PS

Behance project link https://www.behance.net/gallery/115967059/Marble-Living-a-Blender-Interior-Scene-Animation

EEVEE Animation:


Haha hey Henrique, looks like I find you everywhere. Amazing job man

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Hahah, thank you so much Foppe! I’m glad you liked it

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this is 128 render samples? denoise?

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Hello! Yes sure, it has 128 samples + the compositor denoiser :slight_smile:

incredible work! well done.
How long did the bake take?

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Hello man! I didn’t counted the time but something around 20-30 min I think!

On a 580?!?!?!? That’s awesome. At that speed you can still afford to do a bake every time the client needs a change.

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I know right? I’m pretty impressed by this graphics card even though there’s a lot of buggy drivers hahah :sweat_smile:

Awesome EEVEE quality, a little dizzy though :sweat_smile:
Seems like you only use Screen space reflection only right?

The cycle renderings, those are 128 samples? Insane because I usually have to bump up to at least 1000 samples for this type of scene. What’s your secret?

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Hii Fuokuya! Thank you for the kind words! Yes I’ve used SSR for this one, why you say that? is there a better option? Sorry I’m not used with EEVEE, haven’t used more since this project :sweat_smile:

About Cycles, yes I used 128 samples for this scene! I think what it mostly makes it less noisy is to get a good lighting with portals that fills well the scene and to make your own shaders.

About Lighting, the big windows makes possible to lot’s of light to enter the room, also I’ve removed diffuse/shadows rays from the curtains and window’s glass to avoid obstruction of the light’s pathing. Always choose to increase exposure over light’s power, this scene has a white background with power 1 of power but exposure set to 3 to 4.

About Shaders, try to make them as simple as possible to avoid unnecessary calculations, just like in my scene per example, I’ve used only diffuse maps on the majority of shaders, some of them has normal maps, and very a few has roughness and/or specular maps. Also the walls and fabric does not have any reflection turned on, that make Cycles focuses its calculations on other small surfaces making them less noisy within less samples… That’s my thoughts, I hope it was useful… :slight_smile:


Nice work !

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Thank you very much Nomad!!! :grin:

Fantastic work and lighting

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Thank you very much friend :wink:

Wow that’s impressive! thank you very much for sharing this, I’m sure it’ll help me and others very much. Suprisingly 128 samples can give that clean look, usually very noisy in my cases.

For SSR, it’s a little bit weird when moving camera, for accurate refflection you can use reflection planes and probes. Hope it helps

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Thank you for the tip!! Glad you liked :wink:

Good work. Congrats.

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Thank you very much Joni !! :pray:t3::pray:t3:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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