Marble Run - A 3D marble game

Marble Run is my first project in the Blender game engine… The rules are simple, just guide the ball to the end without falling into a hole to continue to the next level. Currently there are only four levels, but I plan to add more. I would like you guys to give it a play, and tell me what you think, what you like, and what should be changed. Go to this site for screen shots and more info on the game. There are two files for download, one for computers that support glsl materials, and one for computers that don’t. Have fun and here are the links

Site to learn more:
Download with glsl materials:
Download without glsl materials:

Nice work =). The only thing I had trouble with was the range of those holes. There were a few times in the beginning where I was sure the ball could get past a hole, but it fell through anyway. But when I learned to not even get close to the holes, it was all good.

Also, the filesize is HUGE! 223MB is a lot to download for a game with 4 levels. I’m guessing the music is what’s taking so much space… Other than that, it’s a fun little game!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the music… After seeing the size I thought, wow, I need to get rid of the music. But for all I tried, I could not delete the music from blender. The only way I can think of around this is to manually pack the textures instead of packing the file in blender. Thanks for the feedback anyways.

Try unpackaging, saving, then reoopening, delete the music, save, reopen repackage. I would love to see your game but I’m on dialup and such a large download is a bit silly for me.

…for that matter, use the compression option under file menu before the final save. Also, make sure there are no hidden scenes or layers with necessary objects.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try…

Thanks for that! The file size is now only about 25mb and it is now up for download

25mb still… let me guess, a compiled game right? I’m on Linux.

Well, I can’t really make any changes right now because I seem to have
blown out my video card… I’m on a laptop so I can’t just buy I new one. My computer is not under warrenty, so I might as well just buy a new computer. All my data is still there. Luckly I can still update my iPod touch. Really sorry :confused:

Damn - what brand laptop? I have a Dell Latitude D620, and there is a known issue with their video cards frying up… have replaced one already.

Well that solves it… Sorry for the late reply, school started today and I had a tennis match, but I have a Dell Latitude D820. I think I’m just going to buy a desktop. Blender is too much to run well on a laptop.