Marcin Wiśniewski - Sketchbook

Sketchbook. Almost everyone has it, so why not me? :slight_smile:

In my sketchbook, I’ll be putting raw sculpts. No fancy renders, at least for the time being. Some of the models have already been, or may be used in my renders.

Ok, so I’ll start with some monster scultps, as monsters are what I enjoy modelling recently.

Ofcourse, feel free and welcome to comment.

Today I decided to do some fun sculpting, and suddenly, BAM! I reminded myself of my sketchbook :slight_smile: What’s the purpose of having one if it’s unused? So, here we have my today’s creation. Not too detailed as I went decreasing dynotopo constant detail level every now and then, and decided to finish for today. But I may come back to working on that model later, cause I like it.

Ok, some another sculpts, rather rough and not too detailed I’d say. They are to be 3D printed in 1:1 scale, and they didn’t have to bee too detailed, as the “original” animals are pretty small (the models represent Rana temporaria, Zootoca vivipara and Vipera berus - don’t know their english names).
I gave them all a really simple render with a plastic-like material. They’re not even close to be posted in finished works, and not modelled for more “proper” render, so I’m leaving them here.