Marcus' Sketchbook

Welcome to my sketchbook. I occasionally come back to this site to update with whatever stuff I’ve made since the last time I posted here. Although my old work is kinda cringe, I think it’s pretty cool to see how much my work changes over time. Scroll down to see my most recent stuff. They’re not posted in complete order (I can’t remember when each one was made).

Here’s one of my newest models (although unfinished)

Also, here’s my ArtStation:

Okay, everything else here is mostly in chronological order, starting with some really old work.

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Juliana - A retro-sci-fi character.

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Some more renders and characters:

It’s been a while since I last updated my sketchbook, so here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve made since:
Surrik, The Rogue Automaton (September 2018)

Dividona Plains (December 2018)

Lorisel, The Harpy (December 2018)

Javirra (November 2018)

Eravena Akiyama (August 2018, Edited January 2019)

(Original, August 2018))

Queen Shristi Candratma (June 2018)

Nythor (April 2018)

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Cool stuff! I like how colorful and vibrant your work is! :+1:

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Thanks a lot!

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Dividona Plains Edit:
(original didn’t have shadows enabled on the leaves)

Re-render of Lorisel the Harpy:

Javirra and Albanus:

Edit of Queen Shristi Candratma:

Argendian Soldier WIP:

Princess Amuhyra of Al Khajazan:

i like the Surrik, The Rogue Automaton and liked the character with wings

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Okay, so here’s a stylized environment test I did back in May 2019. I’ve always struggled a bit with making environments. Still hoping to improve in the future. This is supposed to be a bit of an alien world that’s still somewhat similar to ours.

Here are some of the assets I made for this:
In June 2019, I entered a small animation contest hosted on Dillon Gu’s discord server. It was a monster hunt animation collab, so I decided to use my own character Eravena and make my own “monster” from scratch. Here’s the animation on YouTube. It’s no where near perfect, but I thought it was good enough and a few other people seemed to like it as well:
And here’s the creature I made. I called it a “Pilicoda” and made it part of my worldbuilding. This was also only the second time I’d made anything like this and it proved to me that I could make anything I wanted in Blender if I really put effort into it.

In August 2019, I completed my Argendian Officer - a soldier from my worldbuilding:

I’m also not very good at drawing from my imagination, so I chose to model the symbol in 3d and render it as a texture.

Believe it or not, this is actually when I first watched Blender Guru’s donut tutorial. I just woke up one morning and decided I wanted to make a donut so I’d learn something new. I went to my campus dining hall and ate a real donut right after. These were rendered in Eevee.

Afterward (both were made in October), I finished my character Yassyra. Yassyra was actually a remake of one of the very first characters I made in Blender. She was a complete remake, so her appearance, name, and story were all redone. I also went and wrote a 1st person short story in her perspective while I was modeling her, which helped me figure out what sort of personality and look I wanted her to have.

I also did a very brief animation for her:

Also, Christmas Yassyra (Christmas doesn’t exist on her planet, but it’s fine)

Here’s some very minor projects I did afterward: The moon texture is property of NASA.

A fruit I made for a planned animation for Yassyra. Haven’t really gotten around to it yet.

In February 2020, I took part in another small animation contest on Dillon Gu’s Discord. This time it was Star Wars themed. I’ve always been a huge fan of Star Wars, so I immediately stopped everything else I was doing to work on this project. I wanted to put as much detail as I could into this. The models and textures for this animation were not made by me besides the lightsaber blade and some other minor things. Again, I didn’t make these characters or props. I just imported them an animated them. These models were taken from Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2, as well as Jedi: Fallen Order. This is one of my favorite shots I did for this project:

The full animation is on my YouTube:

In May 2020, I became really obsessed with playing Skyrim again. This was my first time playing the game on PC with mods, and I began learning how to make mods of my own. I decided to model those glasses you can get in the Hearts of Stone DLC of The Witcher 3:

In-game model (I didn’t make the character):

That was my first time ever making an asset for a video game. So, once I figure out how to get that in the game, I decided to try something more unique and ambitious.
I made some Dwarven goggles for my character to wear, trying to stay as accurate as I could to the way Dwemer technology looks in the game. Eevee render:

Here’s what it looks like in the game (I didn’t make the character): Textures: And here’s the time-lapse I made of most of the process:

After that, I decided I wanted to do a bit of a concept sculpt of another of the alien species in my worldbuilding, so here’s that (This was somewhat inspired by concept art for Arrival by Peter Konig):

Here’s a time-lapse I made of the process:


And finally, in July 2020, I finished the remake of my character Eravena Akiyama (Lateasusual helped me make the fire). I think Eravena was the first character I ever made in Blender, so she’s obviously changed a lot since then (she also went through a name change). She’s that one character I always end up remaking whenever I feel I’ve improved enough to give her another go. This was definitely a bit frustrating this time as I had to deal with college, the pandemic, my obsession with Skyrim, and my own self-doubt before I could consider her finished. My friends helped me a lot with feedback and moral support, so I couldn’t have done this without them.

Her new sword (top) with her old sword (bottom)


Wow, what an update. Some of those images you could easily post on the finished artwork category. You would get more viewers (and feedback) there. I think many people just leave the sketchbook category aside.

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Thanks! I did post the characters I made in Finished Artwork, including the newest one. Just figured it would be cool to post them here too so we can compare them to my older work.

Been a while, but I figured I’d add some of my newer stuff.

Some dumplings I made for Skyrim:

How they look in the game (I only made the dumplings).

An elf character I started making but never finished. I tried sculpting pores for the first time, but quickly hit the memory limit. Couldn’t even really open the file after I did this.

Some armor I made for a Skyrim mod. The design for this one was made by Sam Perin. Textures were done in Substance Painter:

Some masks I sculpted for Skyrim. I didn’t like the way they looked textured, so I never finished them.

Sweet rolls I made for Skyrim:

This is how they look in the game. I only made the sweet rolls

Some Clockwork armor I never finished. It’s my own design that’s heavily inspired by the Clockwork Apostle armor from The Elder Scrolls Online.

A dark elf outfit I made for Skyrim (Ash Pilgrim’s Garments). This is also my own design I made using a collection of references for loose inspiration:

High poly model:


How it looks in-game (only made the outfit):