Mari like textureing in blender 2.8

Is it possible to do Mari like texture painting in blender 2.8??

It is possible to do texture painting in Blender.
Blender has a texture paint mode with several types of brush that can be textured following several mapping methods.
Mari has also lots of ways to create textures.
So what do you mean by Mari like ?
What do you expect Blender Texture Paint mode to be capable of ?

Like production quality as mari,painting several map at same time.

Well, production quality is a very subjective expression.
Textures of Open Movies produced by Blender Institute are done in Blender.

For some blender users, what is there is sufficient.
Others are using Substance Painter.

But answer to your question is No.
Currently, there is no UDIM in Blender (that is a target for 2.81, 2.82).
There is no ability to paint several maps at same time.
And this situation will probably not change before UDIM branch will be merged.

Don’t know Mari well but people have experimented with multi map painting for a while in Blender. Think @pachupp made an addon (2.7) and this is something more recently shown / tried in 2.8:

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Mari being projection painter the key feature of interest is probably ability to lattice/gridwrap the input image in viewport buffer (+ any common transforms) and projecting it onto mesh. Been wondering myself if Blender has some neat way of achieving such a workflow (perhaps some addon?).

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No, you can’t. Mari paints to a 2D buffer, then finalizes strokes to the 3d surface, which allows for painting maps with many times more resolution than any other texturing software (I routinely paint 32k maps in Mari, whereas Substance Painter and Quixel max out at 4k and 8k respectively). There is nothing like this workflow in Blender, which offers a much more traditional texture painting workflow.


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