Marianne Kids Bedroom

Have a nice day!

I have made this scene these last few days more and more amazed with the good results that the Cycles engine has in addition to its new rendering improvements. Thanks to the new improvements in 2.93 with the glass engines, the use of the crystals is increasingly fluid and very similar to other ultra-realistic rendering engines.

In addition, the fact of having investigated new behaviors of light with ies lights is enough to bring you scenes like these, the light is highly optimized in this case.

so I have developed for this case, this children’s room, made with the following parameters:

Bounces lights 4 in all cases except for the transparencies that I have used 20, light clamping 20-20, then I have made the study of the lighting with plane lights.

3000x3000 px
NLM Denoiser 15 px, 5, 5
200-300 samples for night cases.
use of plane lights for better light control.

postproduction at Snapseed

critics are welcome, and thank you see this result.

to see other renders, see here


Looks very nice and the texturing is great! but a little blotchy in places.
Embrace the newest AI denoisers like OIDN 1.4 in cycles X. You could try cranking the light clamping way up even well into the 100s but use quite high noise threshold in the Adaptive sampling such as 0.01 - 0.02 and then let the AI denoise do its work. Crank up the light bounces to full and add the caustics as well. Don’t worry the AI denoise can handle it and it wont kill the render times…

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Great work, :+1:

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yes I know about denoisers, really the NLM with a 15 px range, could erase all the blotchy places, but in this case, I wanted to make this to try how lighting works using renderfarm in this case, I have tried hundreds of times, how to show all the albedo map, but even with 2 px filter I havent could reach that level of design, in this case I prefer then to use and show perfectly the bump, the albedo, little details of 2 px and the texture and light. :smiley:

thank you very much :smiley:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank you very much!

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My daughter would love a room like this :smiley:

I can definitely see you spend time on your lighting because it looks really good imo.

I don’t notice the blotchy places that much. Maybe a tiny bit of grain can break them up a bit?

Anyways, I absolutely love the room!

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