Marines Quest FPS need team

ho everybody
iam modeling a game called marines quest and my laptop is not working and blender does not work on my computer(exists many times when i press play).
so i need the following team:
the modler
scripting AI
level desginer
script and logic bricks manegar
animator(for characters)
when the team is ready i will post the download link to the blend file
it contains:
player(cube with human hads[animated])
bullet hole script
mouselook script
ammo and clips

can you show any screenshots? and it is going to be kind of difficult to lead a game if you can’t even use blender.

So, what I conclude is this:
“Guys, I can’t work on my game so I want you guys to make it for me.”

If that will be your attitude, then good luck.:wink: You won’t find someone to do your work for you.

i can work on the game but i must test it on wireframe here is the screenshots

the only textured image was taken before i press play(if i pressed play the game will start but when i move my mouse in textured or solid mod blender crashs)
:(so please i made any things i just need some on to do the AI and soldier model(animated)
and i need a texture artist.

There we go, some screenshots. I can see from the screenshots that the level is pretty basic. Are those 25k polygons the result of the gun’s detail? Your gun is way too detailed to be practical. I think that’s probably why you can’t run the game very well. Try eliminating some of the unnecessary faces and see if you get any results.

Best of luck!

yea I agree with Dhaher after seeing the wireframe you can see how it is made up of way to many verticies.

ok i will try delete some faces