Maritime World of Blender Part 2

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Try a part 2 as part 1 is getting too lengthy and tedious to follow. If not suitable for the forum just delete the lot. But not posting any more on finished games forum and will post just on this thread. These types of simulations can never be finished, always something to add or alter.

Small scenario in river Wyre route, ‘sail’ the sailing-flat from lower berth to the quay shown Trying out ideas ro see what works in 25 km routes.

i will mainly use my site for downloads and text descriptions relating to maritime past ages and bygone times.


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The Solway and Silloth routes are OK at 25km. 7 rivers opened up in the Solway and 2 small scenarios. The first small harbour is Annan so that is reasonable with a bit of contentt and small scenario. Next following the coastline is Silloth Again harbour made with dock gates. Needs a few more objects adding and maybe AI dock gates to open and close making using tmeline. I could then copy and paste them into other routes.


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2 solway routes on line for download at 25km.
Regarding the Silloth route I have replaced it with 2nd version.
animated the dock gates to open press keyboard key 1.

Adding the animated dock gates was also to remind myself as locks and tides I use the same method. Locks I raise/lower each seperate water section shaped to fit the lock. For tides use 12th rule to raise water sheet. (further info on this on request).


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Update to Silloth version 02 changes to 03.
Scenario. Open dock gates as before…‘sail’ out, added floating barges and bollards to help with the realism. (key 1)

Could you let me know if any textures don’t load as what I see on my computer might be different to what you see.

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I think another change is due as bogged down in the Solway Firth.

I will go back to the 25 km routes as they are already made (basic route) up to Lands End and will put some ‘basic’ routes online. Era maybe around early 1800s before ‘things’ got too complex. Only make believe anyway.


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This version I am currently working on and will try and upload it in a day or 2 …if any problems come up when sorting the zip I will forget the idea.
i will need feedback (not critique) if any missing textures. Flickering is due to overlapping quays.
I will possibly leave 8 online, all with some content other than the ‘basic route’ terrain, sea, roaming camera, etc. More interested in preset routes but will probably leave one drivable ship or boat or barge in each. The drivable effect is only my own method using ‘rigid body’ setting…but that will do for what I make, seems to work fairly well if you juggle with the settings.

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Mersey route online making 5 online at present time I think.
Many updates needed of repairs, etc.

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Of course the river Mersey saga doesn’t end at Liverpool docks but carries on to the Ellesmere Port barge interchange complex upriver (I have to remake that).
Also I mentioned if you change the era it changes the route entirely and becomes a new route!

The second route would be around 1830s and 3 miles of docks which has doubled in size compared to the first route which I have put online for download at one and half miles.
I am considering putting the mid 1830s route online also and just checking the frame rate which is still at the default 60 vert. sync.

There is an endless amount of work to be done on both.
However ( if!) there is some interest in the first route I might upload the second route.
Critique does not apply to my routes!
Discussion however is welcome !
I think the Mersey will be the new starting point at least around to Conwy. After Conwy is the Menai Straits which is difficult to work on.

I altered my previous posts with might leave 8 online, all with added content. I might change these occasionally. Example I don’t think I need the 2 seperate Solway routes online and one will do. But eventually Mersey to North Wales I think. I will copy and paste a few features/content from the Solway and Silloth routes.


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Thinking about which routes to work on and leave online, working on the eight mentioned with many updates. Maybe change these occasionally for others. I think this will be a better option than rotating 48 mainly ‘basic’ routes down to Cornwall.

Mersey c1800 - later to include Ellesemere Port. If frame rates OK.
Mersey c1830 - later to include Ellesemere Port. If frame rates OK.
Might be better to make seperate Ellesmere Port extended up to upper Mersey maybe. Also the Shropshire Union canal which created Ellesmere Port. 1795 I think.
Liverpool Docks has the start of the Leeds to liverpol canal.
What stopped me on that was all the early barges were pulled by horses along all the canal networks in the UK. The locks are in the Ellesmere Port complex and again will be different depending on the era.

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I ill see if i can upload tomorrow or maybe in a few hours the first update to the Mersey c1800. route. Tidied it up, added buttresses to all the dock gates instead of sticking them against the quay wall. remade a few textures.

Linked the roaming camera to an empty so vey close turning circle.
The other routes would need that doing to them to make the roaming camera easier to use.

I won’t alter them as don’t know if I will keep the Solway and Silloth routes, online. Probably not, as mentioned start from the Mersey Liverpool route c1800 now, which might make a few seperate routes. Ellesmeere and Runcorn and start of the Shropshire Union canal.

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Updated Mersey route online. Let us know if any missing textures, etc. Thanks. B

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Liverpool Mersey c1800 update version 3 on line for download.
Quite complex to make so again any missing textures or major faults please post (not interested in critique, discussion welcome!)
Scenario : key 1 opens the dock gates to Liverpools first dock, built in brick.
Drivable sailing flat is on the far shore
Two lots of barrels to collect, one on second jetty on far shore and one near the inn in the first dock.
Access to the far shore cargo of barrels is blocked by the single jib sailing barge.
Key q will start the barge on its preset route. Could take quite a while and the same if you wish to ‘sail’ the drivable barge across the Mersey into the docks. 20 mins or more maybe.

For now a pause in updating routes as also making them for myself to remind me of the method used and also makes a store of objects to use in various routes as copy and paste from route to route.
I will leave on the latest Liverpool and Conwy. possibly remove all others and keep to the 10 or 11 a detailed below.

Area will be Liverpool up to Barmouth. Also will start putting most of these basic routes online, up to Barmouth and work on them at my leisure. This is the main area of interest. Plenty of castles to work on.

I could put back on the Isle of Man at 45 km by request . However it migfht be too large for low end laptops, etc, to run.

Making it was difficult but seems to run OK on my computer. I removed the seabed, except a margin, which deleted numerous vertices. it is basic terrain and sea etc. Isle of Man about 70 miles from Liverpool also among my interests. Up to you.


P.S. It changed to a paragraph of bold print again. I think this forum has a mind of its own

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I will probably leave on Liverpool docks, Conwy and castle. Might replace the rest with the basic Wales routes as detailed. Ribble up to Barmouth North Wales. Although just depends on which routes I update and just changing routes as I go along.

Drivable ships/boats to be removed. Ships will be on preset tracks. Isle of Man route 45 km I think I will remove the download for that as maybe too large for some computers, etc.

I will keep to 25km. size. B

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I think to have drivable ships/boats/barges needs people other than me making them, and maybe a different type of forum !

I don’t think they are suitable any longer for the types of routes I make and that interest me, so will remove the animations, same with dock gates .

Routes will now be on preset routes. Sort of model railway only ships and boats not trains.

So will update and upload the routes as I work through them.


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I decided to remove the Isle of Man route at 45 km. Although I removed the seabed it might cause problems for low end computers, so routes will stay at the original 25km size. The 15km size was two small at just over under 10 miles so 25km about right.

So some routes might just have one smalll animation made with the timeline…to start with.


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Most of the routes will now be basic but with an AI ship or barge. Era before 1820 if possible. If no harbour or port at that time I might put on a wood jetty. No longer including a drivable ship or boat.
I won’t bother loading cargos with AI apart from the fact I don’t know how to set it up. Water sheet is animated to rise and fall so making boat a floating AI boat I will give a miss. Static boats OK as floating set to rigid body, collision box and maximum damping.

Available for download. B


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Details of available routes for downloads(if any) will be on my site.
Post any discussion or queries or feedback {NOT critique) on this forum.


Mersey 1800 approx,

key 1 opens the dock gates to Liverpools first dock, built in brick.
Drivable sailing flat is on the far shore. wasd
Two lots of barrels to collect (if you wish), one on second jetty on far shore and one near the inn in the first dock.
Access to the far shore cargo of barrels is blocked by the single jib sailing barge.
Key q will start the barge on its preset route. Could take quite a while and the same if you wish to ‘sail’ the drivable barge across the Mersey into the docks.


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Trying out just 2 textures on the Conwy castle route which will do for now so that will be the next one to look out for. B

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Instead of trying to remove docks and harbours to match the sailing craft before 1820 I am considering inlcuding alll the docks, except the modern for liners and large container ships etc.

But next I will need to try and make sailing craft, paddle and screw steam-ships to match the type of harbours and ports. So have to have another look at Silloth and Maryport route 2.

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square route of waterline x 1.34.nautical miles. Forgot that and had to look it up. But enables me to set the maximum speed and time bewteem ports. So 64 ft barge square route 8x8 x 1.34 Doesn’t have to be exact so about 10 or 11 miles per hour. (moving through water not over water)

So will be replacing ths Silloth to Maryport route with a new one.
Timed it fo 4000 seconds on time-line as the two ports are about 10 miles apart. 600 seconds manoeuvre out of Silloth, 3600 between ports makes up the 4000 seconds. AI About an hour . fps still at 60.

P.S. When available it is slow moving out of Silloth harbour to begin with as allowed 600 seconds and should have set it to about 300 seconds

Sailing flat manoeuvering into Maryport harbour and left Silloth about an hour ago.