Mark seam and shade smooth

I am working on a low poly character. I did shade smooth then “mark sharp” to fix the face. Then to show the edges on the face, I turned on the “auto smooth”, but when I do that, not only the edges on the face show but also the edges on the arms and hands. Why does that happen?
I want the body to look smooth like when I first add the shade smooth. I dont want them to appear sharp, how can I do that?

what i want the face to look like ↑

how it looks after I apply “auto smooth” ↑

I want the other parts of the body look this smooth ↑

I select these edges on the face then click “mark sharp” then “auto smooth”

Am I doing something wrong? (ı guess so)

Thanks a lot

Have you tried changing the Auto Smooth angle when you turn it on?

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yes and also beveled some of the rough looking edges, it worked
thank you so much