Marker Manager v.0.3 [Update: 08/10/2022]

Hello there,

the newest version of marker manager. Last update: 08/10/2022

this is the marker manager. General Features:

  • Manage markers in a panel
  • Store markers in collections
  • Have different markers for different objects

Version 0.3

  • Pinn Collection to object. A New Panel in the object tab and in 3DView allows to select a marker collection per object. When you select this object, this marker collection is automatically set. Short: different markers for different objects
  • Panel is now available in all Node Editors and 3DView
  • All Panels are Optional now, Set where you want the Panels to appear in the Addon Preferences (Where you Add/Remove Addons, select Marker Manager)

Bugs fixed:

  • A bug that caused to automatically add a new marker, after clearing a collection
  • A bug that doesn’t set highest index of a collection after deleting the last member


  • When installing the addon, existing markers are being added to the default collection
  • Adding markers via menu or shortcut now works as expected
  • register/unregister cleaned up
  • Panels added to Graph, NLA, Sequencer sidebar
  • wiki url added


  • Panel for markers and marker collections in Dopesheet and timeline sidebar
  • create marker collections
  • marker options in the marker panel: Frame, Camera, Name

Check it out under:



This is cool, this is an area that doesn’t get a lot of love that deserves a lot of love. I’m going to try this out for sure, and let you know what I think :smiley:

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Iam looking forwarrd to your thoughts! :slight_smile:

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I really love the idea of marker collections!! Thankyou so much, will test this out!

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A couple of things:

  • Markers added normally, doesn’t get registered in the collection.
  • Because of this, also upon installation of addon, as “New Collection” is selected by default, the existing markers get deleted.
  • Markers added via addon is working perfectly.
  • The Default Height of the marker collections as well as marker manager could be reduced
    there seems to be a lock beyond which it can’t be reduced currently.
  • As of now, markers collection is working correctly upon file save.
  • Up and down arrow could be useful to sort marker collection and also would be greatly useful in marker manager.

These are the initial impressions and test results, and looks super promising!
Thankyou for developing this! :slight_smile:


Hey. Very usefull feedback. Thank you netricsaI. I haven’t thought about markers that already exist before you Install the addon.

This will be the first thing I fix… When I am Back from vacation.

The other points are also very usefull.


Glad you like the Idea of the addon.

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Looking forward for the update ^^
It’s really useful in my scenario, where in game animations, I keep marking different data per animation (casting time/recovery time/cool-down time etc). Never knew quick switching like this would be possible in blender and is a super time saver! :smiley:
I have a request, and I don’t know how much achievable it would be and I’m really super thankful for the collection switching in markers already that you’ve made.

  • Would it be feasible to add a sync option where if we switch animation on an armature/object and it changes the marker collection?

Thankyou again!

Good Idea.

So Image this as a New Panel in the objects Where you can Set a “Pin to collection” dropdown.

Now each time the object is selected, this collection is being Set.

Something Like this is possible and will Not Be that complicated.

I will integrate it

What exactly do you mean with: Switch Animation?

Oh switch animation like the one we see in action editor

so switching from one animation block to another could trigger the change of collection

I guess that this is possible. I will Look into it.

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I just updated the marker manager.

As always: feel free to use and give feedback!

Check it out in the initial post or just go on the github page directly… here.


The next update will have the possibility to pin a marker collection to an object.
Means, you can set a certain collection in properties>object>marker collection
And now, when you select the object this marker collection is automatically being set!
It already works :slight_smile:

Also in the next Update:

  • Marker Manager in 3D View, Geometry Nodes, Texture Nodes, Shader Nodes

Maybe in the next update, definitely in the following update:

  • Optional Marker Manager - you can choose where the marker manager appears
  • Pin Marker Collection to an Action
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yay, just implemented the optional possibility to show or hide the panel in certain Areas :slight_smile:

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Newest Update v.0.3.


Comming Soon in v.0.4:

  • Pinn a marker collection to an action (already works)