market a game

hello this a while ago I have been doing a game, and I need some, and I have thought once I finished, market it as grabbing that? as commercialized by internet?'m from Argentina, for if it helps helps

Don’t jump the gun.

First, you should focus on making a game that someone would actually want to pay for (very difficult with standards as high as they are).

When you have that, then you focus on “marketing”.

Desura? like steam but indie

desura, who is that?. I have understood seconds, Blender has a license, free

I personally think you can never start too early marketing, it is good to promote your project from the start, this will help to let others get accustomed to your game. Gives people a chance to provide feedback and in part make it their own. Especially when it is a community game / open (source) game.
Also makes some publicity, the slow progress and hard work more worth it, by having a (positive) comment every now and then. It is the general public who can drag your through rough periods of developments. :wink:

But how to market can vary and of course your development should be on the highest priority. Consider using social pages like facebook, twitter, hyves, but also the more direct channels will do you a lot of good: youtube, vimeo and participate in communities like these, but more where your target group is: game-communities!

Then how to monetize your game? Yes, I think so too, Desura is probably the best place for a BGE game developer.
Else you can try to set up a website with download functionality, but this can be quite difficult to setup / maintain / and promote while when you have success it can become quite costly as well (traffic is expensive).

And consider releasing at as Open Source, to give back to the community. Then it at the same time easier to spread the game towards more people and form a bigger community.

Good luck.