Mars Landscapes #1

Hello all.
So these are my first real renders with Blender and first post here. I’m currently learning Gaea, Blender and Cycles.

About me:
I’m a CG artist and author for animation, writing and drawing too.
I used to work with Softimage (formaly known as XSI) before, almost 20 years now. Since Autodesk killed it in 2014, i won’t spend time and learn software from them unless i must professionnaly.
So Blender will be my new core software for 3D now. I tried it a bit ten years ago and now i’m really impressed with the actual version. So… Long live Blender!


another picture since i cant post two at the same time:

Nice work. You are making a good choice using Blender. I used to work with Studio Max, and nowadays Blender is a charm working with.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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