Mars map problem.

Not quite sure what’s happening here. I have been following a tutorial, it’s suppose to be for an Earth model but I decided to go with Mars instead, but as can been seen from the screen shot the Mars map I am using doesn’t show up fully mapped to the UV sphere in the final render, after I have hit F12.
The map appears okay in the render view.

The Mars map size is 8193 by 4098 pixels and 10MB. I guess this isn’t too big for Blender so any thoughts as to the problem are much appreciated.

Looks to me like it’s just in shadow?

I think he refers to the white parts in the upper viewport.
In the outliner I can see two meshes that are set to be invisible in the viewport, but visible in the render. My guess: Those are copies of the mars mesh and overlap in the F12 render.

Probably this will be the solution, but if it isn’t I’d try to recalculate the normals (Edit Mode --> [Ctrl]+[N])

Is there a second mesh hiding there?
Move all the other spheres to another layer and try again.

Thanks everyone. I moved the two hidden meshes to a different layer and that solved the problem. My fault though as I forgot that hiding the meshes doesn’t stop them showing up in the final render.