Mars Rocks

By following Price’s tutorial ( and using MacRock (, I was able to start a martian rock:

Reference photo:

How would you:

  • Get the deep cracks to appear?
  • Sprinkle the colourful red sand on the rocks?

I was thinking of using a voronoi pattern for the cracks and an alpha-cloud texture for the sand.

Suggestions are most welcome, thank you.

I suppose you can try to model it. You can sculpt it you know from the texture extracted from mars photo you posted.

Other way is to just use the photo to create the texture and UV map it. Well I copied your mars photo, did little Gimp work and created defuse map and normal map from it. Here is quick and dirty work. Have a look:

What Ridix said :

Robo’s tutorial is nice too, but might not quite get you exactly what you want:

Levi would be a good one to ask too

Thanks for the links and the notes. One of the issues is that I have to create a lot of rocks for a realistic Martian terrain. The asteroid tutorial shows a good technique that magically transforms particles into lots of rocks. It’ll be interesting to figure out how make them disperse along the ground.

You can disperse particles across a surface using vertex groups.