Martini glass. Which one will you choose?

I’m glad to link the “Behind the scenes” article of this project on Blender Nation! Visit the link below to see how it was made and get the FREE project file:


Both of the renders are good but the 2nd one seems to catch my attention more.

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The one on the left seems more at home in an industrial chic bar, the one on the right looks like rooftop luxury bar.

both are quite nice.

Though the pimentos aren’t showing up well on the right handed one, and the martini itself seems a bit cloudier.

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I like gin martinis with thinly sliced jalapenos and small sweet pickles.

Are you taking orders?

The one with the nice warm glow seems to fit!

Nice work.

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Thanks, it right in the mood :smiley:

Yes, the left one is the fixed version, I pay more attention to the olives and add some pimentos too. Thank you for your feedback

Good taste!
Thanks for your comments

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart

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