Marvel Fan Art- Character Models with Clay D'oh Shader

Hi Everyone! This is my first BlenderArtists post- thanks for having me!

During July I took part in the MarvelJuly Challenge set by TheAnimatedLife, the idea was to create one Marvel character every day for the whole month. She provided a list for everyone to follow- there were some amazing submissions in a variety of styles- I’d definitely recommend searching the tag MarvelJuly on Instagram if you have a spare minute or two!

I decided to make mine as if they were from a Marvel ‘Claymation’ Universe using the amazing Clay D’oh shader I got from Blender Market. The shader is by DoubleGum and is incredibly versatile and intuitive- I couldn’t recommend it more!

I also used BlenderGuru’s Pro-Lighting Studio from Blender Market for the scenes and lighting, which I think worked great even though it’s not optimized for Eevee.

Here are some of my submissions…

Loki and Milo



Doctor Strange


Iron Man

Stan Lee

I didn’t quite manage all the days but there are a bunch more on my Instagram page if anyone is interested- same user name as I use here.

Thanks for looking!



These are really fantastic! Great work, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks! I really enjoyed working on them.

i am fans of marvel! this is my favourite character hehe i see this on


Thanks Johan! That’s a great find- thanks for sharing!

Thanks for posting them here, Matt. They are plain awesome!
Great work!

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You’re welcome! Glad you like them!

SWEET! great job!

Thanks Michi!

I featured you on BlenderNation. Have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart! That’s fantastic news- Hope you’re having a great weekend too!

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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Amazing! Thanks Bart! :smiley:

Wow. Awesome work Matt!

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Thanks Graeme!

Dude! These are incredible! Great work. My favorite is the Dr. Strange one. I love what you did with the cape!

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Thanks Matthew! That’s one of my favorites too- I’m still not sure if the Strange’s cape is crushing on Superman’s cape or the cape itself but it’s in loooove :heart_eyes:

amazing work, i love it

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Thanks Christian!

soooo cool :slight_smile:
I like all of them =)

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