Marvelous Designer Help!!!

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I am working on animating a character I made in blender and rigged with the metarig. I am doing actions for individual shots. I have attempted to export an the obj, as well as baking various animations to the mesh. I also tried exporting mdd, fbx, and pc2 files, but every time i try to import the cache files into Marvelous designer it tells me that there is a difference in the vertex count and the cache file. At this point I am totally stumped and frustrated. I tried googling, but I cant find any solutions. What would the proper process be? I’d appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance

Did you ever find your answer? I was able to import my custom model as obj or fbx into MD, but I didn’t try it with a rigged and animated model.

Yeah I realized I was not referencing the motion file properly so the animation was rendering with character movement but the cloth stayed stationary.

Hello @msnook89, I need help. I’m modelled a character with Manual Bastioni Lab but when I pose and export it as a collada file I find that the amateur imported into Marvelous Designer remains in the rest pose even though I managed to get the mesh posed through applying modifiers before export. What am I doing wrong?
I’d like to be able to import the amateur so I can simulate the pose in MD. Please help me.