Marvin's cousin

This is my first attempt at making any type of robot (OK, android) with Blender. I struggled with most of it so I’ll finish it here and hopefully make the next one better. Don’t think it looks like Marvin much, though I’ve never seen the film (read the books though) so I’ll pretend it’s Marvins cousin just popped 'round for a visit :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool mlokking guy and reflection on the heart. What’s the point of this picture?

Marvin’s cousin is shinyer and thiner than marvin. :stuck_out_tongue:
Great model!

Thats really cool:D Rendered with Yafray right?

Never see the movie it’s terrible. I like Marvin he’s cool,your version of the body looks really strange and he could almost touch the floor with his arms how they are.

That’s a really good looking Marvin-cousin you got there, the combination of materials+render is fantasic. … it nearly does look too good to be marvin-like robot … but hey, maybe marvins cousin is happier with life :wink:

I’ve read the 5 books of the trilogy several times (sadly i never go a chance to listen to the radio show … IIRC it is older than the books … nor seen the television series), and i kinda liked the movie. It was better that i expected, but could have been improved in some areas (as every movie made from a book).

Converning hte arms nearly touching the ground: i think it would make it looking even sadder than it is now, so i would leave them as is.


Pretty cool!

Here’s the one I made earlier if you remember it from this forum:


Thanks for your comments, he was fun to make :slight_smile:
There’s no point whatsoever to the image henrymop… just practice.
joOnlge I’m so glad I didn’t see your version of Marvin first or I would never have had the nerve to post mine. That rocks! seriously… I need more practice. But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

That’s really nice. It’s like an updated tin-man from the Wizard of Oz. And there’s the heart he’s been looking for. Great modelling. Nice simple composition.

Just because it wasn’t mentioned before: The stolen spaceship’s name is “Heart of Gold”…

Hej då