Maschine MK2 ( Compositing study )


Here is my lastest project Maschine MK2.
Simple model.
Main thing was to learn compositing bit more.
Photos are before and after compositing.

Hope you like it!

Great image, button! The original without the compositing is very good, I enjoy all the details put into it. But the composited image is even better! I know some may think it is overkill, but I like seeing how far you can push it and still have it feel real. Great project!

If I may ask, how did you achieve the final image? I have never been able to get illuminated panels to look correct, and yours look terrific. I’d love to be able to see your setup!

Thanks! :slight_smile: here is the node setup

Thank you for such a quick reply, button! That node setup looks confusing, but I am just starting out with learning how to use the compositor. Perhaps with some experience it will not be as intimidating as it looks.
Thanks again!

Very nice! I’m a Maschine head so you did this one justice.