Mask map

Hi all,
Does anyone know if there is a mask map inside blender? I cant seem to find one when I am making my shaders.


Are you talking about a texture detail mask node for grunge, damage, etc?
You would have to make one…or search for one out on the Net…

Here is a free one I found with a quick search…

There is also a Mask Modifier that hides parts of mesh with vertex-groups ( Need to weight Paint)and or Armatuers…

Yes I found that one as well. I was just just playing around with it and seems like it will work just fine for what I want to do. I meant to post back but got side tracked on other things.



Yeah I´m in the same situation here.
Basically what I want to achieve is to apply a bump texture all over the character´s face except for the nose and don´t know how to do that.

As far as that…It would be a simple matter of using Texture Paint, use a grey-Scale from Black to White and create a new Diffuse Texture ( Mask ) and paint the nose white, using the strength and radius to blend into the face … slide the color-ramp to solid black to correct mistakes, etc…

Here is a quick example didn’t spend alot of time getting the blend correct

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That node setup looks perfect. Thanks!
One question, why did you leave the mask node as sRGB instead of Non-Colour?

I find that if it is in color it works better as an alpha…especially if you are using it as a factor for an alpha mask with transparency, for hair…grunge, etc…

In a mask node as a factor, combined with a transparency node, you don’t have to worry about if it has an alpha channel or not…the transparency node, set to white as the color will figure it out… 9 times out of ten I find connecting to the alpha on a Principled node just does not work as well as using a mix node and transparency…
something like this…

That is excellent info, so grateful for it.
Will go through these images several times. There´s a lot of pontential in that setup.

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