Mask not lining up

The mask I use to paint out my tracking markers is not lining up as good as I think it should be.

Heres a pic of the nodes

Frame 1 (the original frame used to paint out markers in gimp) vs Frame 192 is also shown

Any ideas why?

I’m not quite sure what problem you’re having…frame 1 shouldn’t line up with frame 192 unless your camera track has a good solve error.

try using a track position node -> transform node to do basic 2d based tracking for the clean plate… use relative start, and then put a math node (add) inbetween the x and y values… what this will do is allow to position the overall image.

Laustinart you’re saying the mask shouldnt look as perfect as I was thinking? Makes sense since I created the mask with frame 1 and tried to mask out a frame that that doesnt look exactly the same as frame 1. I had a 0.65 solve error though.

Anyways thanks guys for the help.
I will look into doublebishops method as well.