Mask Tools

ver4.1.0 Add facer menu for Blender 2.83

Added face set menu

Added the Faceset menu, which is a new feature of Blender 2.83.
If the version of Blender is Blender 2.83 or later, the menu will be displayed automatically.

In the operator’s menu, replace the function similar to the new function built in Blender 2.82.

Blender built-in functions operate more lightly and more stably than add-on built-in functions.


  • External add-on menus are now automatically judged and displayed
    • Therefore, the checkbox for using external add-ons in add-on settings has been removed.

Hi. Great job, mate. I know you mentioned this won’t work with multi res. Are there any plans to get it to work with multires in future?

Since the mask save function of this add-on uses vertex groups, multi-resolution information that cannot be saved in vertex groups cannot be saved.
Probably not possible unless multi-reso mask data storage is officially supported.

Ok. Thanks