MASK, updated 29/6/05 now with new smoke render!!

…is an other head model made without reference images, only this tut:

my second attempt to a head.
first one was crappy and i didn’t worked that much on it.

no subsurf

with subsurf:

there are almost no triangles in this mesh, i kept it nice and clean.

my idea of the final image is a freaky mask, with some playcards and dices in the background.
i can also extend the model and make a full head. Well
i think i’m gonna just do both!

tell me what you think.

It is looking pretty good right now! especially for your second attempt. Did you use Torq’s tutorial? Anyways, I think that the scene with the dice, cards, and the mask would look really cool. Perhaps you could even add a lit cigarette in an ash tray to the scene. Keep up the good work!

wow thats really good especially the nose and the lip area I frankly have a lot of trouble doing that myself :expressionless:

thanks, the sigaret idea seems nice, ill try that.

That is a nice tutorial. I have used it a few times, even for cartoon characters.

I posted this in another thread, but nobody visited it, so I thought I’d post this pic here too (based on the tutorial)…

well, i wanted to go for realistic, not toon. i don’t know if i’ll rig it, im not gonna make more than 2, 3 emotions.
the tut i used was torq’s (i just copied his edge loops by just looking at it)

if you copy the images from Torq’s tut and use them for the ref image, you’ll get pretty good result’s, that’s the tut and the ref image I use.

yeah, with that loops you won’t get triangles, check this out:

as you see i added a few things( a lot) and made a render. forgot the render time, but for 16 samples it’s not that long. i know the ‘ground’ needs some work but i need some input. i was also thinking about the sigaret smoke.

rendered in blender internal.

Coming along nicely. I think the angle is a bit off though. Perhaps more of a horizontal angle would work. Right now it feels like I am falling in a dream and getting queezy.

Thats very good the cigaret is a bit long though.

thanks, i notice that now too, but… WHAT ELSE TO BE DONE???
any tips and/or tricks for smoke effects?

These may help:

thanks, exactly what i needed! but the dreamy thing is a bit like i wanted it to be. but i’ll post an other render later

added a render with 16 samples! still the mask has some stripes, but its on a table now with smoke!

C&C please!

well, i posted what u wanted to see. now i need some reactions!

I think the ashtrey looks too clean. since you look like you are going for a still, not an anim. you could just use a noise texture applied to spec and col.

you mean more 'dirty’ashes?
hmm, ill try