Masked psycho ( hair update )

My first attempt at modelling a face, I plan on making a body as soon as I can find a good tut to show me how. C&C welcome

PS Sorry 4 posting an unneccessarily large pic

looks good nice job on the hair

Roach 8)

Thanx :smiley:
I just noticed it’s comig out of the mask in places, have to fix that soon

The texture on the face/mask is weird and distracting. Can you post an untextured “clay” render? The hair isn’t thick enough in the front, either. I think the mesh is pretty good but I can’t tell with that cloud texture.

The texture is actually a marble one and meant to be weird and distracting :wink:
I have a slight update rendering now, I will also post an untextured version.

A slight update, please no crits on neck yet, main difference is hair.
Here is the untextured version requested, I also took off the hair so that the mesh could be seen better
Does any1 know a good tut for body modelling, I’m at a complete loss of where to even start. Also, is there a way to do dreads/braids?