Masked texture showing up black

Hallo im using a masked texture to try to create flowers. The area around the flowers shows up black. Is the re anyway of using this texture just to show the blue flower.

thank u for any help


You do not need to use a mix shader with a transparent one if you use the principled BSDF.

second thing, you have to invert your gradient colors… black is transparent and white is opaque

Hallo skuax

can you show a node tree, because i have no idea how to do this.

thanks lisa

The node tree based on your file is in my first post.

Hallo skuax

i dont know what im doing wrong. This is the result i get from your node tree and its diffrent from what you get. what am i doing wrong.

in the setting pannel on the right of your node window (press N)
you have to change the blend mode… to Alpha blend or alpha ashed

ps: and press w over your 3d model selectionned and set is shading mode to smooth

hhaha at last thank u so much. now i can make a set.


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tick solution box on my first post if you think it was that. :slight_smile: