Masking Subsurface Scattering

OK - so I’ve done my due diligence by trying to find the solution to this by myself for the past 3 hours. Fail. I see things about mix nodes, and color ramps, etc.

All I wanna do is create a grayscale mask on my object (in this case…ears) so that the ears will get the full on subsurface scattering texture that I’ve created. But only at the tips of the ears.

I hope this makes sense.

In vertex paint mode paint some black on the tip of your ‘ear’.

Then you use a material setup like this, use the colorramp to adjust the mix.

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you could use weight paint mode, to paint a map with differend intensitys for the SSS amount.

@AlphaChannel @pixelgrip Thank you both SO much! This is exactly what I needed. @pixelgrip was right too in that texture painting gave a bit more control.

@AlphaChannel How did you remove some of those input ports? The Blender manual is worthless about that.

Thanks again!!

Do you nean on Diffuse and sss? they are basic nodes, not the standard principledBDSF like you normally see when you add a material,

Its just easier for you to see exactly whats going on.

Oooooh. I see. Thanks again for your time.

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