Mass Effect 2 - Guys you need to play this

So my break is over.

I just finished Mass Effect 2 and what an amazing game.

If you liked Fallout 3, Metro 2033, STALKER, so those RPG based FPS
this is a must have.

The game concept includes many nice parts and prevent the game from being dull.
The level designs is incredible.
The character designs are amazing.
The squad combat can be more then fun when you know how to play it and be a real
challenge when playing on insane level.

The stats building is a little simpler than Fallout 3 more lie STALKER but the game play is just very diverse and just fun.

Plus the story is deep and offers hours of exploring and reading trough game internal notes and character conversations.

I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip!

I’ve been wanting to play this game for a long time. Unfortunately, I have a PS3.

I have it for pc. I pre-ordered it and got it the day it came out.


I am not sure what your game taste is but it is now my second most
appreciated game besides Fallout 3.

I am just blown away how well made, fun, deep, and entertaining this game is.


it is coming:

didn’t like fallout3 got stale really quick just like oblivion,
and as far as humanoid models go they weren’t exactly works of art, rather ugly…
got to say that id’s rage as far as graphics and game world go,
looks like it will be “fallout 3” done right, so to speak…

but mass effect 1 & 2 were both awesome! :slight_smile:


I think as an adult one sees different things in fallout3 then a younger person.
Since I am in my 30s I must say that the game made me think about the
nuclear war fear time a lot. maybe because the game was able to do that
I find it so deep.

Technically all games are predictable and follow common patterns.
Radical new game concepts are hard to develop.

I just found the game to be more then a game. But that is just me and must
not be the same for everybody else.

The graphics of F3 were in deed not the greatest.
But I think it got the awards not for that but for what makes it different to
many other FPS RPGs.

I agree, as far as RPG/FPS hybrids go - Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2 are pretty much top of the list for me. Oblivion was, despite it’s bloomy graphics goodness (which honestly, just have me a headache), worse than Morrowind to me. The storyline was less involving and the levelup stuff was (having decided your class & skills) not much more than a periodic “ding” to show players they are being rewarded for their persistance.

I think the best thing about Mass Effect and it’s sequel is that they don’t try to be all things to all people. You are a military guy about to become the futuristic love-child of James Bond & Rambo. You might be blasting people with your psi powers or with a BFG; but in the end you are still running through corridors vapourising anything that points so much as a sonic screwdriver your way. Instead of trying to disguise this, the game designers worked with it and made it flexible enough to give you choice but not so generic as to lose it’s edge.

The sequel did a good job of ensuring that your decisions actually had ramifications. In the first game, if you played things correctly, you could wind up with everyone a happy chappy by the end except the one token sacrifice. In this game, without preparation, the game really rips into your team (and even then - there are sacrificial choices to be made).

I think, also, one reason the concept works is the setting. Oblivion kind of sucks whilst fighting as, in a majority of cases, you end up in “click-fest melee”. Mass Effect 1 & 2 are shooting games. The weapon of choice might be mind powers, but it is still ranged.


to get all the medals and awards it forces to use certain combat combinations one might not have thought about initially if you are more familiar with other FPS.

I found this to be quite entertaining, lifting one up, smashing him down, and then sending a bullet, another PSI combo after him or just meele.

First I thought it is bogus that you can stop the game while hitting shift - but then it made sense since you plan differently and can be more tactical and make use of what the game offers.

My only thing I missed was enemies also using biotic weapons.
That was really missing.

The seriously nice part is how your decisions end up in specific results.
This was already nice with Fallout3 but here it affects everything and every squad member as well as your own well being.

A truly great concept for another sequel.

AFAIK, it’s the best reason to own a XBox 360…

yea it was great indeed and incredible graphics