Master sword and Triforce logo renders

Hi. I’ve been into doing Zelda related renders lately and here’s two renders that I’ve made recently

This is a 3D render of the Triforce Logo that I made last week.

And here’s a render of the Master Sword that I made today my first go at the three point lighting system.

hi, the substances look nice = great shaders
modeling, nothing wrong with that either,
nice Art to look at

Hey, nice job. I like the marble. In the triforce render, you should add some emit value to it to make it brighter, and I don’t really know if there is something to add a glow behind it besides post processing, because I have never needed to, but a golden glow would definitely help the feel.

Cool, I really like it, I talk on the Zelda thread like I’m sure you do to, so I’ve been thinking about this stuff a lot lately as well, MeshWeaver is going to be amazed!

Thank you guys ^^! I was thinking of adding a bit of a glow behind the Triforce actually (maybe have a halo version of the triforce logo or something behind it…?) but I’ll leave that until I’ve got time to render it.

In the mean time, I mucked about with the blue material on the Master Sword handle and turned up the secularity and gave it some RayMir to make it stand out against the starry background a bit more. What do you think; improvement?

Nice work. I am also a huge zelda fan! All I have to critic about your render is that you definintly should research how to add a glow effect to it by using blender’s compositor. Other than that, the black section on the master sword needs more texture. Link’s sword in OOT isn’t black on that section of the handle. I know it’s just a variation, but add a more texture to it. Nothing to bright and shiny though as you want the viewer’s eye to go to the triforce in the center.