Master's Commission Cult?

Hey have any of you guys heard of “Master’s Commission”?
I think it’s a cult and unfortunately a lot of my friends have gotten sucked into it. It’s supposed to be a life changing discipleship program where you can become a certified pastor. What I’ve seen from it so far is the requirments to enter this program are, you have to look good, you have call yourself a “Christian” and you have to be willing to devote $5,000 and 9 months of your life doing whatever the Pastor and and his menions tell you to do. There’s one person who controls the MC’s of each church that has MC’s, he tells them what to think, do and believe. The whole thing from what I’ve seen is wrong and very cultish, other people who have been through it and have not been brainwashed have said the same thing. I’ve seen a lot of friends change in a bad way from this program.

Wow dude, that is scary. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to go to yale? :stuck_out_tongue:

I strongly dislike this sort of thing… I’m just glad that it hasn’t found its way to my community. Cults are very rarely a good thing…

Unfortunately, this topic is going to be locked (no religious discussion) and less people will be notified about this trash that is going on…

Well as far as I know there’s always two sides to one story. Can you give us some specific examples of what they do. Is there a site? What may be brainwashing to one person may just be tests of faith to another.

My brain needs a good clean, where do I sign up?

Can I pay in monopoly dollars?

Nah this is a bad development, but it doesnt sound as if they are actually doing anything illegal…

So nothing can really be done AFAIK

never heard of it and glad I didn’t. stay away from these wackos jack… everybody needs to be able to think and act for themselves. any group that tries to remove that capacity is dangerous.


any topic related to religion will be closed.