Mastodon for gamedev

Mastodon is a free/libre, decentralized micro-blogging platform…like Twitter but better…where anyone can host their own instance with their own moderation.
Aras Pranckevičius (one of the great minds behind the Unity engine) created a Mastodon instance for game developers today:yes:
So it’s basically like Twitter but with only gamedev-related stuff.

Unfortunately that’s the one thing I dislike about unity - the community.
Most people are quiet and don’t help each other out like BGE, mainly due to financial incentive and competitive advantage.

Here on the forums almost everyone is open on how they achieve this or that if you ask them nicely :slight_smile:

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I agree, I used unity for a few years and this was my conclusion as well…and it bleeds over not just from games being made but with the content(asset)providers as well.

I agree…but it is not about unity community only… it’s for all indie or pro game developers:)