Matcaps. Are they faster?

If matcaps are always faster and look better then the three light lighting solid mode in blender, (are they?)
Why use the three way lighting in Blender at all?
Why not replace the three way lighting settings in the preferences with the matcap selector?
Also, why is it, that matcaps only work only on one object at a time?

When sculpting, once you get high poly, Matcap enabled is -slower- than sculpting with the 3 (or less as you can disable some) opengl lights.
And the higher you go, the bigger the loss of performance is when Matcap is enabled.

I still can’t understand this implementation. As it is now, I mean.
I agree with Sanctuary, a big loss of performance. Even at 500k mesh.
Don’t even try it on a multires ~1.5M.
On the other hand, we can’t even use our matcaps gallery.
The only slightly handy is this normalmap matcap. Easy to “bake” to grab the viewscreen and have a n_map of a relief.
Nevermind, just trying to find some use for this new implementation.
And, right, you have to join meshes for applying this shader…
If it gonna stay as it is, Ton should remove it. It adds only dirt on a rather clean blender environment.