Match moving in Blender.

I know this is not ready, but i would love to see this integrated in Blender.

Well, that’s been in the making since forever, so at this point I don’t think it’s ever going to get committed.

We can still hope though :smiley:

Send them Pizza and Mt Dew for a year and I bet its gets done :smiley:

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check this out

I made this test a while back in voodoo, I had an idea to make
our apartments swimming pool crawling with eels.
I also threw in an elephant so I could see the matchmoving better.
For a while every other day there was a video on myspace with flying saucers,
aliens, etc with matchmoving that were getting 1 million views.
After a quick test I realized I could be spending my time on other things :smiley:
That would be great if matchmoving was internalized within blender though.