Match movnig- "need at least 8 common tracks" how do you get count?

RE: blender 6.2 - internal match moving (tomato).

When i hit Solve <Camera motion> I get “need at least 8 common tracks” error often. Is there a way to determine which frames have less than 8 without manually counting each frame? Particularly in footage with a huge pan, i have to keep adding new tracks as the camera pans to new scenery and its hard to keep counting to be sure EACH frame has 8 tracks.

Is there a report or anything that can easily show which frames have what quantity of tracks?

would a python script be possible?

Any suggestions on how others may make this “panning” type of match moving easier?

If the developers read this… perhaps down at the bottom where you have the blue dashes and the frame # displayed, you can display the track count?

Its a wonderful product. Thank you


For a good solving you need to track at least 8 groups of pixels along 30 or more frames. It means that for a track to be completed, the pixels being tracked have to appear in both first and last frames of the sequence. A broken track causes the solving to fail. To picture this better to You I recommend this videotutorial: