Matchmoving software

I don’t want to work with Blenders internal matchmovers, as it sucks because I have to do it manually and the “Detect Feature” which is supposed to automatize the process sucks too. I know the professional artists are using automatical scripts to do the dirty work.

Where do I get some of that software that is COMPATIBLE with Blender 2.64?

Anyone? Please help me out!

Philosopher- syntheyes will produce tracked data that can be pulled into Blender. It was the standard mode of tracking before the Blender Tracker was introduced in 2011. Look for tutorials by Sebastian Koenig on CMIvfx, I think. I believe the importer add on is up to date.

I did a Google search on Syntheyes and Blender 2.6 and they seem not to be compatible.

I’d also like to know why software that simulates Boujou or Syntheyes isn’t implemented in Blender.
Blender has so many other features, why can’t it do automatic Tracking?

This is not true. Detect Features is supposed to help do exactly what it says - detect features of high contrast to lay a lot of trackers down quickly. It is NOT an “AUTOTRACK THE WHOLE SCENE!” button. It is strictly for detecting features that may be useful for manual tracking, and has been named properly.

This is also not 100% true. I work at a 2-time Oscar winning vfx facility, and can tell you for 100% certain that no magic button EVER takes care of a track perfectly with one push. Syntheyes does indeed have a very nice auto track button, but it has failed me numerous times, and I have had to spend many, many hours manually setting up a track in there.

If the auto button worked so magically and perfectly, why would Russ Andersson (creator and support of Syntheyes) have created all the many other features of the program? He wouldn’t have. But it is NOT a 1 click solution, so he created a robust and powerful tool.

Blender’s manual tracking is very much up to speed with Boujou and Syntheyes. Rather than hassle the Blender developers to make a big AUTO button, I’d suggest learning IN DETAIL about the tracker., if you indeed want to continue to bug them, make a donation. A large enough donation and request would surely speed up the process.

SynthEyes Blender exporter does not work very well but it is rather easy to export camera and objects in simple text and obj files and make a small python script to read these files in Blender.

As of whether “professional” matchmoving softwares include magic “AUTO” button that does all the dirty work, this is comparable to Blender having a greasy button that reads “make nice image”. hype is right, there are (very) limited situations where auto button gives acceptable resuts. Most of the wizardry of matchmoving is in iterating the solutions and hand-tweaking until it sits.

As stated, Blender has a fantastic tracker, arguably better than even some of the paid alternatives. If it’s not working for you, it’s your own fault. Tracking is not an automated process, and automated trackers WILL HARDLY EVER give you a nice, clean track.

There is no way the internal one sucks. Just look on youtube you will see several impresive videos.

Here are a few examples. The last one was done by me.