Material and Tex only affect part of a Mesh...

Making a temple made of alabaster. The objects used to be separate, but were then joined together (Making the whole temple one piece). When applying a nice tex, I found that it only affected one part of the object, one which was originally a separate mesh. I have tried applying the tex separately after separating the two, but still could get no results on the one part. I have recalculated normals, flipped them, and still nothing…any clues on what is going on? I use 2.25, btw…I would gladly post a pic, but am still not sure how as I don’t have a website.

Hi again Merc,

When you want to apply new textures or materials to a mesh which already has a texture/mat applied do the following:-

Enter EDIT mode for the mesh you wish to work on. Select one vert from the object you wish to apply the new mat/texture to, then whilst holding the mouse over another vert of the same object press L, this will select all verts of the object.

Then in the EDIT buttons, on the left handside, you will see the ‘Mat’ button, with a 1 and a 1 either side of it. I call this the Material Stack, I’m unsure of it’s correct name.
Press the light brown ‘NEW’ button just below.
The ‘Mat’ button now has 2 either side of it. This means you are now affecting the mesh with the second of 2 mats.
Now go to the material buttons, and delete link to the material, then create a new material.

Change this mat as you wish, (add textures etc) then retuirn to the EDIT buttons. Below the ‘NEW’ button you pressed earlier, there is a light brown ‘ASSIGN’ button. Press this to assign the new mat to the selected verts.

You can repeat this process for up to 15 different materials per mesh.

If you wish to edit a different material in the stack, left click on the numbers that appear next to MAT in the edit buttons. The left hand number always represents the total number of materials in the stack, and the right number indicates which material you are affecting.

You just select the mat then move back to the Mat buttons. You can also move between mats in a stack in the same way in the material buttons.

A tip if you are using lots of picture textures, change the main colour sliders, as this is represented in the material stack, by a small box of the same colour, and it can get confusing when they are all grey.

Hope this is of some help,


Well thanks, man, but before I could try what you suggested, suddenly I had the material covering the temple. I can’t say what went wrong (or right) but it works now. :smiley:

No probs Merc, I’m glad things worked out.