Material appears 'split in half' in render

Hi BA,
I’ve made this bookshelf using the bookshelf addon and applied my own book texture to the cover and its paper. It looks all good when I render it but since I’m trying to make my scene very bland I use a hue/saturation node to lower its saturation to make it fit in.

This is the rendered viewport option

However when I actually render the scene it shows this weird effect where only half of the book is desaturated and the other half is normal


It’s not in the nodes nor UV’s from what my puny eyes can see so I’d love any advice on why it could be happing

Drive link for the blender file

Any help or pointers at all would be greatly appreciated.

I have looked at the file with Blender 2.81 and 2.82. It all seems to work fine for me.

I cannot recreate the issue - the books look all correct and matching what is shown in the viewport. Can you have a look at it again? If it is still broken, is there any other information you can give?

just tested it and it works now?!? Sorry about this but thanks a heap for making time to check out my file. I knew Blender Artists was good but this is unprecedented.