Material Color w/f-curve and Cycles

Hey all, I’ve got what I’m hoping is a simple newbie type question using Blender 2.71. I have a material that I used f-curves (bake sound to f-curve) to change the RGB colors. When rendering in Cycles, the material doesn’t change color. When viewing the scene in object mode or when rending in the Blender Render, the material does change color.The material is a “Diffue BSDF” w/roughness of 0.Any ideas as to why cycles seems to ignore the f-curve stuff?I’m out of ideas and Google searches…----- Ed

Please supply your blend file

I was able to figure it out. The original material was setup under the Blender Render. I made the initial key frame and baked sound to f-curve AND THEN switched to Cycles Render. When you switch to Cycles and select “Use Nodes” on the material, the graph editor contents don’t update to reflect that a Shader Nodetree needs to be present so it gets ignored. I simply deleted the graph contents, re-added the key frame, and rebaked and now it is working.
The moral of the story is pick your render engine first and then start working.

----- Ed