Material function nodes


where can i find this additional procedural nodes for blender eevee?
example: blur, wood, warp, etc …
preferably free

I already found some materials but they are very heavy

am I talking about function nodes anyway? for eevee
such as the nodes: mix, gradient, invert, etc …


Well, real blur is not possible in shaders.
Wood, warp and fake blur you will probably find on gumroad, Blendermarket and prehaps.

Mix, gradient and invert are in Blender by default. Gradient is called “RGB-Curves” or “XYZ-Curves”.

you did not understand

I wanted more varieties of these “function” nodes

If you want more of these low level nodes you have to fork Blender and code them yourself. It is not possible to script them or add them via addon.

Besides that you could code them in OSL (scritp node) but then you lose the ability to render on the GPU.

as for these nodes that install as an addon

do you suggest any?

can someone help me with the above question?

Sorry, I don’t really know of any good ones. I usually just make everything myself.

There was one that was useful for hexagon patterns which I used years ago for something and remember as being pertty good but I don’t know if it is still up do date. It is just 6$ so it might be worth a try.

Erindale has a tutorial on youtube showing the thinking process of creating hexagons if you want to learn something in the process. If not, pay for it and call it a day. But to me, it’s definitely worth learning from.

I agree. It is worth learning but others might not have the nerves to dive that deep into procedural nodes. I think it requires a certain type of fascination which not everybody shares with us.

For me personally this whole procedural thing is pretty much the most fun and fascinating thing in the whole 3D world. One time, when i didn’t get any contracts I spent two and half months doing nothing else than trying stuff with procedurals and math nodes. That is when the whole space warping thing clicked and I think I really understood how all of this works.

This addon has a pretty massive range of new material nodes:

I havent tried it, but it certainly looks very good, and it gets very good reviews (it is $15 though).

do you recommend any color choice optimizer addon with colors that are harmonious?