Material IOR Value reference

Hi, i have listed some ‘RayTransp’ material ‘IOR’ values.

Material IOR Values:

‘Air’: 1.000
‘Bubble’: 1.100
‘Liquid methane’: 1.150
‘Ice(H2O)’: 1.310
‘Water’: 1.333
‘Clear Plastic’: 1.400
‘Glass’: 1.440 - 1.900
‘Light glass’: 1.450
‘Standart glass’: 1.520
‘Heavy glass’: 1.650
‘Obsidian’: 1.480 - 1.510
‘Onyx’: 1.486 - 1.658
‘Acrylic glass’: 1.491
‘Benzene’: 1.501
‘Crown glass’: 1.510
‘Jasper’: 1.540
‘Agate’: 1.544 - 1.553
‘Amethist’: 1.544 - 1.553
‘Salt’: 1.544
‘Amber’: 1.550
‘Quartz’: 1.550
‘Sugar’: 1.560
‘Emerald’: 1.576 - 1.582
‘Flint glass’: 1.613
‘Topaz’: 1.620 - 1.627
‘Jade’: 1.660 - 1.680
‘Saphire’: 1.760
‘Ruby’: 1.760 - 2.419
‘Cristal’: 1.870
‘Diamond’: 2.417 - 2.541


this is wicked i couldnt quite get the transparency right. exactly what i was lookin for thanks.

Just will like to know how do the IOR work because I was trying the settings but I dont see any changes on my material, can anybody explain this,


I made this script about a month ago if anybody is interested. Its not the greatest script in the world, but it functions.

Well thanks forte, let see if it works now for me cause I dont get it!

PG1, in order for it you work you must have ray transparency on and the alpha value of the material set pretty low. Hope that helps.

Incorrect! If you have your IOR and Fresnel set, you can have alpha at 1 and you’ll still get transparent renders… don’t believe me, try it out. :smiley:

Both the glass (IOR 1.53) and the water (1.333) are set as solid as the slider goes. 1.0. :stuck_out_tongue: it’s the nature of the beast. This is Blender internal, btw. Yafray behaves differently.


Am i the only one who things there should be presets of IORs in blender so I don’t have to google the IOR for diamond everytime i need it?


It seems you are not. Take a look at this patch: .

The IOR value determines the falloff of incident light. Higher values means that light falls off faster. The effect is quite subtle and changes the distribution function only a little bit. By the examination of many different materials a value of 1.3 to 1.5 have been found fitting. If you know the exact material you are trying to simulate,

You just switch to the cycles renderer and in the materials tab click ‘Use nodes’. ‘Diffuse BSDF’ then becomes a drop-down where you can select different materials. Select glass if you want to use the IOR.

i just stumbled upon this thread. very, very useful, mate! thanks a ton.