Material IPOs and Actuators

Is is possible to use a material IPO with an IPO actuator in the GameEngine?

I have made an IPO with movement (ROT) and a color change in the material (RGB). When I animate it comes through, but in the game engine, it only rotates, my material doesn’t change at all.

Is it supported, or is there a better way to do it?

I don’t really want the ROT, I only put that in there for testing. What I want is an object that changes color when the python script controller fires the actuator.

Any suggestions?


You can use color IPOs, but I’m not sure about the ones in the Material IPO settings. There are RGBA settings in the Object IPO panel. You need to add the curves in manually, though, by selecting the channel and [Ctrl+LeftClick]ing where you want the end/mid points. To fine tune, go into edit mode on a curve and bring up the transform properties with the [N] key, then enter values directly into the fields on the transform properties box.

Edit: almost forgot. you may need to turn on “ObjColor” in the UV settings of the edit buttons (only visible when you are in UV Face Select mode, [F] key).

No, you don’t need to do that. It also works if Tex is active.

Thanks blendenzo and Toomai, that did it.

Toomai was right, I didn’t have to turn on ObjColor, it works with or without. Only thing left now is to fix my manual curves and make it purty.