Material IPOs


I have been trying to crat a realistc lava material. And i made the lava mesh using a fluid simulation. But annyway the material for the lava is a blender mussgrave using the voroni crackel. I have maped it to normal, specularity, and emit. and i want to make an IPO wich controlls thew emit value for the mesh (I want it to go up and down gradualy). But when i start maikng keyframes and start changing the value of the emit the materil “dies” and loses all of it attributes and become shadless… Does anny one know why??

I don’t know why (I’ve never played with fluid sim so if that’s the problem then I can’t even guess) but have you tried applying the animated texture to something simple like the default cube?

My only guess, based a simple test, is that you may get better results if you don’t Map the texture to the Emit value but just animate the Emit via the Material IPO. This causes the whole Emit to pulse across the whole mesh. If you wanted the emit to pulse variably across the mesh this wouldn’t do it - though it may get you closer.

You may need to post a blend to get more accurate responses, especially if it turns out to be a bug.

Okay. Thanks for the help.

sorry 2 bump this thread but how do you IPO the emit, when i press I im not given emit as an option (is it under RGB or something like that)

You need to select Emit in the IPO Editor Materials and punch in an IPO Curve with Ctrl-LMB.


Thanks that worked brilliantly :slight_smile: