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What does GLSL and Multitexture do? I see and a lot of tutorials using it, but fail to say why they use them, especially GLSL? I know they are used for applying textures, but that is as far as I know!

To put simply. GLSL is newer, Multitexture is outdated. GLSL improves your texture viewport editing immensely.

GLSL in Textured view can display on your model in the viewport the texture (diffuse, normals etc…) that you set up in the material->texture panels for that model.
Multitexture can only display in the viewport the texture (diffuse only, it can’t display the normal map in viewport) that you setup for that model in the UV/Image editor. It can’t display what you setup in the material->texture panel for some reason.

GLSL require your card to support at least OpenGL 2.0 to work, while Multitexture works without problem on lesser OpenGL versions.

Thanks for your time, is there away to find out if my card supports OpenGL 2.0…where do I look for that?

You have applications like this :
That can tell you what kind of OpenGL your card support.

But a quick test for you to see if your card support GLSL is to load the blend i attached to this post.

You should see this :

Then change Multitexture into GLSL.
If your card support GLSL (and so OpenGL 2.0 or more) , you should see that :

If it does not support GLSL, the Cube should stay visually the same as in Multitexture.


cubetestgl.blend (87.6 KB)

I do have a change but not with a cube like you have, I loaded a green couch I did in blender render and selected texture mode, when I went from multitexture to GLSL the color became darker on the couch. On solid mode the object had not effect when I change between the two.