Material override Blender 2.8?

Any body know where material override ended up in Blender 2.8? (The one that was previously in the render layers section.) Anybody know if it has been implemented yet?

Yes I know 2.8 is in development still. Please do not lecture on this. I understand some features are still on their way, and it is not production ready as of today. Just curious as to this specific feature at this time. Thanks!

Don’t know if it’s implemented or where in the 2.8 UI (not in front of me). Searching it didn’t help (in 2.79) but if you can run either of these lines in the Python Console (copy, paste, press Enter) you might get a result.['Scene'].render.layers['RenderLayer'].material_override =['Material_name_here']
bpy.context.scene.render.layers["RenderLayer"].material_override =["Material_name_here"]

FWIW in 2.79 the Override Material was only visible in the F12 render result, not in the Shift Z render preview.

Just wanted to chime in on this, you can see the overrides in the viewport if you enable the renderlayer button in viewport (this button is only visible in rendered view mode):


Awesome, thanks. Searching bpy.context.scene.cycles.preview_active_layer only brings up the API, didn’t get anything from the manual about that button. Now labelled RenderLayer on the 2.79 buildbot before me.

classic blender documentation. Glad I could help.

That feature is super handy for setting up render layers, especially with the mask layers or excluded layers. Being able to see what you are doing makes a big difference.

In 2.8 design, view layers may contain different collections of same kind of objects.
And a collection should be able to handle overrides of properties of objects.

So, a material override for objects of a collection in 2.8 should just be just one case of override among a lot of other possibilities.

So, there was no reason to keep a specific layer material override in layer tab.
But overrides is a feature that requires more time. So, overrides were postponed to 2.81.

So, no equivalent would probably be available in 2.80 ; unless somebody, who really needs it, proposes a hack or an addon to restore it.

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For anyone bemoaning the loss of Cycles render layer material and samples overrides in 2.80…

They’re baaaaaaack.

Since the super amazing new overrides system won’t be included until after 2.80, Brecht restored the old settings which can now be found in the View Layer properties under Overrides.

Get the nightly build tomorrow, or build it yourself right now if you want it!

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Does anybody know where Overridessettings in Eevee are?

I don’t think there are equivalent override features in Eevee at the moment.

This will probably change when the full static and dynamic overrides features are implemented, but that’s a post-2.80 thing.

Could you please include a screenshot now that all the fuzz stabilized? Thanks.